Long Term Contract

Job Description

Candidate Eligbility Criteria:

Proffesional and passionate about providing excellent customer service

Cheerful with a positive attitude and good interpersonal skills

Ability to work well in a team, create a friendly atmosphere on-board and assist passengers

Punctual, resilient, empathetic and adaptable

Ability to manage in-flight sales

Pay and benefits

   The components of the monthly salary will be as follows: Basic Salary, Housing Allowance, Transport Allowance, Day Flight Flying Hour Pay @ 1 time the credit block hour allowance, Night Flight Flying Hour Pay @ 1.5 times the credit block hour allowance, Duty Pay, Meal Allowance

Free firm and standby ticket can be availed during the contract tenure

Free firm ticket on the Air Arabia Sharjah network is as follows: if single, for self, parents and 2 siblings. If married, for self, spouse and kids

Unlimited standby ticket for self, wife, children and parents on the Air Arabia network in line with the prevailing staff travel policy

Limited standby tickets total of 2 return tickets for 2 siblings on the Air Arabia network

Unlimited standby tickets on other airlines for self (in line with signed interline agreements after probation period)

Housing Allowance paid by the Company

Provided by the Company

Annual Leave 30 calendar days per year

Annual Ticket for self to country of residence

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Not Applicable For:

Not Specified


Cabin Crew